January 4, 2013

Sex Chat Social Networks Disappoint

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I signed up for a new social network that was supposed to be hot and sexy today, and found it to be even more lame than I anticipated. I will admit that signing up was quick and easy, but after that it was just plain and boring. This site shows up as some kind of sex chat social network – but I found not chat rooms, and no video chat options there at all. I was excited to see sexy Ashley on this network, but with no way to get her into a chat room, I must say that I find this place to be a waste of time.

Sex tips and chat noobs

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Every once in a while some of the adult blogs here point out something hot. I was reading the sex cams blog’s latest post about this girl who ranted about some sex tips for guys, and how this other gal was blown away that people really do kinky stuff online and off.

Well I have some tips for the newer people out there that are just starting to figure out sex with other people online. Just talk to people. Be mature, be courteous, be respectful, and be fun. It’s not hard to get to know people. I think the biggest mistake people make when trying to get action online is trying to get action right away.

When I first entered a sex chat room online I though that it was going to be a huge non stop sex orgy. I was wrong of course. The thing is people like to spend a good amount of time in good chat rooms, and people generally have sex on average about 12 minutes. Now if the average person is getting it on for 12 minutes, yet spending three hours in the free chat rooms, then it makes sense that people will do online what ends up happening offline as well.

People like to engage in some small talk afterwards, and most people want even more small talk before agreeing to fuck, even via cybersex online. Some people would think that talking would be a thing of the past with today’s lighting fast internet connections, live webcams, and sex sites galore. But the truth of the matter is, online is very similar to offline in many occasions. Sure there are plenty of guys who are ready to cyber fuck at the drop of a dime, but many of the women need some more to get them in the mood.

So spend a little time getting to know others, and give them a chance to get to know you. Even if the you they are getting to know is a strong, healthy guy with a couple of tattoos. Just don’t brag about how huge your cock is like the one girl said. Some girls are scared of a large cock (can be painful, especially if they are into anal sex), and if they are going to get into the fantasy world of believe you are muscular with a good tan and some tats, then you need to make the story believable. Advertising you have a 14 inch dick is most likely not the way to get them to believe the rest of your story.

Keep that in mind, and keep it fun. But also keep it safe out there.

October 28, 2012

Hot Sex Chat Directories Part Two

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Sometimes I check out some of the sex chat directories to see what is new and hot. Sometimes things change, so I keep an eye on what people are talking about in so many different places. It’s funny how my friends will not call me or text me and tell me where they are engaging in sexual fantasies online – but I can read their twitter about something hot and find out like that.

Of course my friends only share so much via their twitter feed, so I check out some of the other directories online to see what is new in the cyber world. Sex Chat in the yahoo directory is a good place to start. A good friend led me to the new chat eno directory of sexy sites recently. Now if I was on my desktop I could get the others from my bookmarks. Fuck, I had to switch to the laptop in order to get my webcam action. I will made part three of this post when I get back to my main computer.

Found hours of erotica and sexy discussions at tumblr

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I had been hearing about tumblr for quite some time now, but never had a chance to check it out in depth until today. With my college friends telling me that they spend more time checking out their tumbler blogs and keeping up with friends more there than they do on facebook, I thought, great – I certainly don’t need something to waste more of my time, so I had just filed it away and never checked out more than the homepage.

So yesterday I was looking for some new sex chat portals and erotic sexual art sites, and I came across some tumbler blogs. Well I can certainly say that my friends were accurate when they said they can easily spend more time there than one facebook. I was blown away by the amount of other people who were sharing erotic images and dirty fantasies. It is so much more open than the prude facebook. So here is an erotic blog at tumbler from Ashley I am following – you may enjoy check it out as well.

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