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One of my esteemed colleagues has been doing quite a bit of work and research into the advances of online video sex chat technology. He has come across many keyboards, I mean many HD developments in the live skin business, and seen some very erotic trends in the performances of today’s video sex chat people. Men and women are truly getting better technology to share sexual imagery, and getting better at eroticly teasing as well.

So I asked about his research, and when he has developed with it. Come to find out, he decided to launch a few websites, and showcase what he knows about the current state of (online) affairs, the sexy girls and guys who are performing in them, and the best places to find the latest in high definition video streaming. He turned me on to what it is like to do some two way audio with a sex cam girl, and I must say, at first I missed my keyboard, but then I realized, without having to look at the keyboard to tell her my erotic fantasies, I could watch here more, and the keyboard less.

Definitely worth the 10 bucks for a computer microphone from walmart! OMG! The two way audio is not an option with all of the cam girls on these portals, but it certainly something that I am looking for. My colleague tells me that the cam-to-cam or c2c as he calls it is the next phase of interactive sex on the web. I am not sure that I am ready to share my cam with the girl I am cyber fucking, I want her stay turned on! But I do see that millions of people out there are probably more comfortable with that these days, especially with the whole chat roulette, and sites like facebook making it easier for people to share way too much of themselves with the random internet world.

See here are some of my colleagues new sites where he is dishing about the latest and greatest in internet cam whorery:

Erotic Cams Chat

Erotic Cams Live

Erotic Nude Chat

Sexy Erotic Chat

Sex Chat Nude

Erotic Cam Sex

Erotic Nude Cams

BJs Gay Chatroom dot Info

Sexy Friends Chat

Yes, that’s a lot of erotic information. He tells me these are all getting the basics established. Some pics, but plenty of unique and interesting information that you could only get from some serious research. I thought, yeah, that some serious research alright. He assured me that very little time was dedicated to merely playing around or masturbating. Most of his time was spent trying to put together easily understood information for users who are interested in things erotic, and even touching on the debate about was is porn versus art. Well kudos to you for that Sam – I am going to learn a thing or to about eroticism, and seducation from all of your “hard” work.

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