New Totally Free Sex Chat Places

With all the talk of internet censorship the past 18 months, a couple friends of mine decided that there should be multiple places for people to logon and chat about whatever adult discussions they would like. It has been said that the biggest threat of facebook is the reliance on facebook, and how it could impact millions of people if it was unavailable or being censored in one way or another in the future. We have seen some wild things happen around the world when it comes to access, and even seen some attempts in America to censor, or make rules that would threaten the open and free discussion of things on the web. Some people have even been so brave as to suggest that sex on the internet in general should be blocked. So with that in mind, some people have been discussion setting up a multi dimension network of sites that would auto-allow people the option to change venues to continue their discussions should one go offline, be censored wherever you are, or whatever.

I am not posting the first phase of that project, as there has already been the proper channels posting that info. This is what is currently being termed as the third phase of the project to ensure open communication. I am giving this for of the project my own term – the new round of totally free sex chat places.

Chats Etc

Sex Chat Etc

adult chat etc

Free Sex Chat Etc

Chats Int

Sex Chat Int

Adult Chat Int

My Chat Blog

chat roulette place

My Adult Chat

Tyler Chat

Sex Chat Adult

That is my portion of the phase for the uncensored chat group. Those who are in on the project know that if a situation occurs where you are stopped from accessing the free speech that the internet should make available, someone in your group can post a hashtag in the comments here, and then they will be able to use one of the roundabouts to access the list here, and your hash tag. This gives that third layer of protection from being cut off from your friends around the world, and we are glad to be part of this project. Let there be free speech!


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