DJ finds mature feedback for non-adult service in sex chat

I have often told people that many excellent things have come out of sex chat rooms that most would not consider. I can feel people eye’s rolling when they hear me talking about stuff like that, but today I found a post on a blog that shows another example of such a case. This DJ explains how a sex chat community surprise provided mature feedback on his non-adult ad project. I myself was not surprised in the least bit.

I have told countless people that you often find more vanilla, everyday, normal discussions with people at the various sex chat portals. Most of the conversations are just about normal day to day life experiences. People who enjoy connecting with other mature adults online, they just happen to stumble upon other mature people in a chat room that promotes sexual chat as a way to get people involved in the first place.

This is what many publications, tv shows, and movies do actually. There is so much of this in the media, and if you stop to really think about, you will see that it is not only Playboy and Hustler magazine that use sex to get attention, then draw readers into discussions about politics and world news. You can see this in everything from the cosmo magazine at the checkout counter, to ads in newspapers, ads for upcoming shows, and trailers for new movies that are coming out. It is very common for almost every type of media to use sex to sell something that has a much broader message.

This is not only true with places advertising, but you see that in the discussions that the end users and consumers end up engaging in. Even in the simple discussions you see on yahoo’s OMG pieces about celebrities and their sexy (or lack of sexy) outfits, people in the discussions / comments often go into other things about what celebs are doing. We see that in text chat rooms as well. From the webcam girls I have spoken with, most of them tell me that a majority of the money they make, and thus the quality one on one time they spend with people in the video chat rooms is actually not talking about sex, or doing explicit things, it’s mostly time spend just talking about regular, everyday things. Now that certainly surprised me the first time I heard it, but the more I think about, and the more I view other discussions on the web, it seems to make sense.

It appears to me that people in general will end up talking about sex at one point or another no matter where they are, and that people will end up talking about all kinds of things non-sexual, even when in an environment that is focused primarily on educing the sexual side of human nature. I wonder if strippers find this to be the case in strip clubs which are certainly focused on sexuality as the main topic. Sounds like a possible research project in the near future.

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