Found hours of erotica and sexy discussions at tumblr

I had been hearing about tumblr for quite some time now, but never had a chance to check it out in depth until today. With my college friends telling me that they spend more time checking out their tumbler blogs and keeping up with friends more there than they do on facebook, I thought, great – I certainly don’t need something to waste more of my time, so I had just filed it away and never checked out more than the homepage.

So yesterday I was looking for some new sex chat portals and erotic sexual art sites, and I came across some tumbler blogs. Well I can certainly say that my friends were accurate when they said they can easily spend more time there than one facebook. I was blown away by the amount of other people who were sharing erotic images and dirty fantasies. It is so much more open than the prude facebook. So here is an erotic blog at tumbler from Ashley I am following – you may enjoy check it out as well.

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