Hot Sex Chat Directories Part Two

Sometimes I check out some of the sex chat directories to see what is new and hot. Sometimes things change, so I keep an eye on what people are talking about in so many different places. It’s funny how my friends will not call me or text me and tell me where they are engaging in sexual fantasies online – but I can read their twitter about something hot and find out like that.

Of course my friends only share so much via their twitter feed, so I check out some of the other directories online to see what is new in the cyber world. Sex Chat in the yahoo directory is a good place to start. A good friend led me to the new chat eno directory of sexy sites recently. Now if I was on my desktop I could get the others from my bookmarks. Fuck, I had to switch to the laptop in order to get my webcam action. I will made part three of this post when I get back to my main computer.

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